Why You Should Use Hot Water Extraction When Cleaning Your Carpet


Keeping the carpet clean is a constant chore for carpet owners. To  help successfully achieve this goal, there are many different methods of  carpet cleaning available. Different people prefer to use various  methods of carpet cleaning. The most common and effective cleaning  systems is steam cleaning, or hot water extraction.

Hot water  extraction is definitely the cleaning option you should be looking into  if you are in the market for a deep, thorough cleaning. In this method, a  pre-treatment is applied to your carpet and allowed to work its way  into the fibers for a few minutes. The carpet is then agitated with a  wand and extremely hot water. Everything is then extracted with a  high-powered vacuum. This system has a lot of benefits that you can not  get from other carpet cleaning methods. If you have never experienced a  steam cleaning or if you are just not convinced about using it, here are  a couple of reasons why you should really consider hot water extraction  when cleaning your carpet.

Steam cleaning is the most  thorough carpet cleaning system available. Other types of carpet  cleaning like shampooing, or dry cleaning are only surface cleanings.  Hot water extraction penetrates deep into your carpet fibers to collect  and remove more dirt and soil than any other method. Plus the extreme  temperature of the water is enough to kill most bacteria, germs, and  other microscopic nuisances in your carpet. Hot water extraction is the  most recommended method of carpet cleaning by a vast majority of carpet  manufacturers and industry experts. Adding a thorough steam cleaning at  least once a year to your routine carpet maintenance will definitely  ensure many years of use and beauty from your carpet.